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December 2010, Page 2

Noticing Nature by Chuck Bonner

GEAR: Noticing Nature by Chuck Bonner

It’s always tough for me to write reviews of products I didn’t like, especially from everyday people trying their best to express themselves while making a product people will enjoy. Unfortunately, I’d be doing a disservice to everyone if I …


10 City Girl Tips for Urban Vacationers

I’m spoiled by Portland. It has all the nightlife, live music, amazing food, and art scene of a big city (well, almost), while still being completely walkable from west to east in under an hour. It’s bite size, manageable, and …


Travel Detox

Chris Penn over at the Awaken Your Superhero blog has a really cool post about coming down after traveling. Chris does a lot of traveling for work, and he has some pretty useful tips on detoxing from the strain and …

L.L. Bean Wicked Good Mocs

Guide to Holiday Gift Guides

This year, instead of doing my own research like I did last year, I’m being lazy and pointing you to the best holiday gift guides I can find. So, while these other bloggers do all the work, I’m sitting back …